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You can place an order here for some of our more popular modules, synthesizers, and accessories. Almost everything is now built to order, we currently don't keep any modules in stock. If you'd like something that you don't see available to pre-order in the store, get in touch.

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IT Services

We offer bespoke IT services, including computer lab design, systems admin, network admin, database admin, and custom system building.

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Get in touch!

Contact us to discuss commissioned builds, options, lead time estimates, etc.

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Commissioned synth builds

Seen a cool DIY synth project but don't have the time/skills/inclination to build it yourself? San Pedro Labs is here for you! We offer a complete build service, from parts sourcing through to calibration and testing. Modifications are also possible.

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A note about lead times…

Please note:  Lead times on commissioned builds vary from one week to several months, depending on the scope of the project and current workload.